Alloy Art - 3/4" Rear Axle Kits - Stainless Steel

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Alloy Art 3/4" Rear Axle Kits Stainless Steel

The Alloy Art rear axle kit is made from tough stainless steel. The axle lengths range from 11"-16" increasing by a half inch for each size. This is perfect for that custom project you've been working on. Alloy art never seems to disappoint us, we suspect you'll feel the same way after purchasing one of these for your motorcycle!


  • Kits feature a polished stainless steel axle, flat washer and nut
  • Available in 11 lengths for many custom applications
  • Length given is the usable length of the axle, excluding the head and threads
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Available in lengths ranging from 11"-16"
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