Antigravity - RE-START Lithium Ion Batteries

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Antigravity RE-START Lithium Ion Batteries

The RE-START Lithium Ion Battery by Antigravity is the first powersports battery to offer a full onboard Battery Management System. This system includes functions like lithium cell balancing, low-voltage cut-off, over-discharge/over-charge and temperature protections. It has a one-of-a-kind RE-START Technology that intelligently monitors its voltage and will put itself to sleep if it senses over-discharge, and saves just enough reserve energy to start your motorcycle. All you have to do is press the RE-START button, located on the top of the battery. With the RE-START Lithium Ion battery you can stop worrying about getting stranded on your Harley.


  • '91-'17 FXD, FLD
  • '73-'84 FXE
  • '82-'94 FXR
  • '84-'17 FXST, FLST
  • '79-'18 XL
  • '97-'18 FLT, FLH


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