PIAA - G3 LED Headlight Bulb - H4, H7, H9 Bulbs

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PIAA G3 LED Bulb (H4, H7, or H9 Bulb types)

The PIAA G3 LED headlight bulb offers a more intense light that has better color and distance than stock headlight bulbs, and are built to last longer against the elements. The G3 LED bulbs are available either in H4 (9003), H7, or H9 size bulbs.


  • Pulse width modulation control eliminates flickering for most applications
  • Adjustable beam to fine-tune alignment for precise optical outputs
  • 5-year warranty that’s engineered for long lasting performance
  • Plug and play design comes with OE connectors for a quick and easy installation
  • Powerful cooling capacity for maximum brightness throughout the bulb life
  • Higher output CREE XP-L LEDs with wider viewing angle and thinner circuit board
  • 6200k cool white color output to maximize output and contrast in dark climates
  • Additional capacitors may be required on some vehicles to ensure full power at turn on and eliminate flickering and error codes
  • Does not comply with FMVSS108 or CMVSS108.
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