Deadbeat Customs Jackson Two-Tone Deerskin Leather Gloves

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These Two-Tone Deerskin Leather Gloves are handcrafted in the US from premium Deerskin leather. Every glove is custom branded in house at Deadbeat Customs,  with a closed fist the word "deadbeat" is branded across your knuckles. Cuff stops at the bend in your wrist.

  • Handcrafted with premium white tail deerskin.
  • Heavy enough for maximum protection yet light enough to feel the grips.
  • Seams at the base of the fingers are sewn flat for extra comfort.
  • Keystone thumb double stitched around the base of the thumb for added strength and durability.

Please Note: all Deadbeat Jackson Gloves are branded in house by me, each glove brand is unique.

Size Small can not fit the Dead Beat across glove. It will have Deadbeat Skull Logo Only.


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