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Modular Helmets

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A modular helmet, also known as a flip-up helmet, is a type of motorcycle helmet that features a chin bar that can be flipped up to convert the helmet from a full face to an open face helmet. This allows the rider to easily communicate or take a drink without having to remove the entire helmet. Modular helmets are almost indistinguishable from full face helmets because they look nearly identical.  That’s one of the reasons why modular helmets have become very popular with regular riders and performance riders in the recent years. They’re also very popular with long-range and touring riders that want to enjoy their road trips with comfort and ease.


Characteristics of Modular Helmets:


There are some pros and cons riders need to consider before they purchase these helmets instead of regular full face helmets and they are:


Opening the chin bar – One of the most recognizable features of the modular helmet is the ability to twist and open the chin bar, which allows riders to savor the open air and sunlight. With regular full face helmets, riders are forced to remove the one-piece helmet in order to cool off. That’s not needed with this particular design.

Safety – Modular helmets are almost as secure as regular helmets because they cover the entire head, including the back of the neck and the chin area. If the rider is involved in an accident, they can expect superior protection and better impact resistance. These helmets are approved by the DOT as well so it has passed rigorous testing to prove it provides good protection.

The chin bar vulnerability – The chin bar does create a vulnerable spot that is less impact resistant than other sections of the helmet. Unlike full helmets, the modular helmet aren’t one-piece and the chin bar is held together by joints. If the helmet collides with a hard surface at the right angle, it can be damaged. But that doesn’t mean the helmet doesn’t provide adequate protection because the chin bar doesn’t break very often.

These helmets are available in a number of different designs and colors so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and preference. At Deadbeat Customs we offer Modular Helmets from some of the best brands such as Simpson, Bell Helmets. and Scorpion.


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