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Harley Handlebars & Controls

When you swap out your Harley’s handlebars and controls you’re taking the first steps to making your bike truly your own. We carry a wide selection of handlebars for Harley bikes that let you customize the way your motorcycle rides and feels. Each style of handlebars for Harley motorcycles has its own look and feel, letting you build your ride in a style that suits your personal preferences and riding needs. Our curated collection of Harley handlebars features a variety of options designed to complement your bike's unique appearance, from Road Glide T Bars to Chopper Handlebars, Ape Hangers, and Tracker Handlebars, we have options for all riders. 

In addition to our full range of Harley handlebars, we also offer motorcycle controls and accessories that can make your bike more comfortable and responsive. Whether you want Harley Davidson handlebar grips made from durable materials that fit your hands perfectly or Harley brake levers that match the finish of your new exhaust pipes, we’re here to help you build your dream bike. 

Harley Handlebars FAQ:

What are Dimples on Harley Handlebars for?

Dimples are a cleverly designed feature found on most Harley handlebars. The small indentations provide space for the handlebars’ external wiring to pass by the clamp without getting pinched. When installing control wiring on handlebars for Harleys, the dimples help ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. 

What Is the Difference Between Cable Throttle Handlebars and Throttle-by-wire Handlebars?

Cable handlebars and throttle-by-wire (TBW) handlebars for Harley bikes each transmit throttle input to the motorcycle’s engine, but cable handlebars are usually found on older Harley Davidson models. A cable runs from the throttle grip to the carburetor to physically control the fuel-air mixture entering the engine. TBW handlebars are found on modern Harley models and use an electronic system instead of a physical cable for throttle control. On TBW handlebars for Harleys, the bar end on the throttle side is notched to accept the throttle sensor that sends an electronic signal to the bike’s electronic control module (ECM). Many new Harley handlebars are only offered in TBW variations but can still be used on a cable throttle bike by plugging the notched side of the handlebar. 

What Diameter Are Harley Davidson Handlebars?

All Harley Davidson handlebars have a standard 1” diameter. Some models feature a bar with a thicker diameter, but will still be 1” at the riser clamp and 1” at the stock Harley controls. Some aftermarket Harley handlebars such as Forbidden Trackers go from 1-⅛” at the riser clamp to 1” at the controls to produce a moto-inspired look.


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