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A Harley’s transmission system is only as good as its clutch, and Deadbeat Customs has all the proper clutch components to help you handle your engine’s power safely and effectively. From clutch baskets and clutch hubs to levers and plates, we got you covered. 

To simplify the very involved process of putting your clutch together, refer to the following checklist:

1.) Clutch Basket - A clutch assembly’s central component that has a series of clutch plates and springs.
2.) Clutch Hub - Found inside the clutch basket, splined to mainshaft. Turns when clutch is engaged does not turn when disengaged.
3.) Clutch Plates - Thin, circular discs stacked within the clutch basket. Each clutch has two different sets of clutch plates, friction or sometimes called drive plates, and steel plates sometimes referred to as driven plates.
4.) Clutch Springs - Provide force to hold friction and steel plates together.

Make sure your clutch system has all of these elements working properly for a safe and smooth ride.