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Harley Davidson Exhaust

The sound that erupts from a Harley Davidson’s exhaust is its most distinguishing characteristic. That unmistakable roar commands your attention when a Harley passes by, and the louder the rumble, the stronger the pipes. But Harley Davidson exhaust systems aren’t just about sound.  Quality Harley exhaust parts can enhance your bike’s performance. Aftermarket Harley exhaust parts can help your bike breathe easier by providing smoother, more consistent airflow from the engine, optimizing its power and efficiency. These aftermarket exhaust parts are often lighter than factory Harley exhausts, reducing the weight of your bike, and improving handling and acceleration. 

In addition, if you want to make a statement, upgrading your Harley exhaust is one of the most noticeable modifications you can make. Whether you prefer the sleek look of chrome or the boldness of black glossy or unfinished pipes, you can make your bike look, sound, and perform better with Harley Davidson exhaust pipes and other parts from industry-leading brands such as Bassani and Vance & Hines. We carry a wide range of 2-into-1 Harley exhaust systems as well as other Harley exhaust fitments to suit your needs.

Harley Exhaust FAQ:

What Are the Different Types of Harley Exhaust Options for my Harley Model?

2-into-1 Exhaust: This style combines the pipes from both cylinders into a single pipe that exits at the rear of the bike. This is the most popular Harley exhaust style at Deadbeat Customs! 2-into-1 Harley exhausts offer significant performance benefits by consolidating the exhaust into a single pipe, allowing the engine to breathe more easily and produce more power. This added efficiency increases the motorcycle’s horsepower and torque. The 2-into-1 Harley exhaust also gives the bike a deeper, more aggressive sound while also reducing the weight of the bike. 

2-into-2 Exhaust: Similar to the 2-into-1 style, but with two separate pipes exiting the rear of the bike, enabling even power distribution. 

Slash Cut Exhaust: This style of Harley Davidson exhaust pipe features a diagonal cut on the end giving the bike a sleek, stylish look while potentially improving exhaust flow. 

Shotgun Exhaust: This style of Harley Davidson exhaust system features two pipes exiting the rear of the bike in parallel, resembling a double-barrel shotgun. 

Fishtail Exhaust: This style features a flared end on the exhaust pipe, resembling the tail of a fish.

Straight Pipes: Straight pipe Harley exhausts exit the rear of the bike with a simple pipe without any flair.

Is a Tuner Required When Installing an Aftermarket Harley Davidson Exhaust System?

It is generally recommended to use a tuner when installing a new aftermarket Harley Davidson exhaust system on your bike. The exhaust system directly affects the performance of your bike, and the engine’s onboard computer, its electronic control module (ECM), needs to be re-calibrated to work with the new exhaust. The ECM controls your bike’s air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, and other functions that impact engine performance

Are There any State or Local Laws That I need to Be Aware of When Installing a New Harley Davidson Exhaust?

Yes, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has strict laws regarding vehicle emissions and exhaust systems. You may need to ensure that any new exhaust system installed on your vehicle is CARB compliant and has been issued an Executive Order (EO) number by CARB. Failure to comply with these laws can result in fines and other penalties. We recommended checking any local laws and regulations where you live as well. Currently, we do not sell exhaust systems in the state of California.


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