Do you have A store I can visit?

Our primary location in Tewksbury, MA has a storefront you can visit. This store has a curated selection of Motorcycle Helmets, Gear, Apparel and Parts. PLEASE NOTE NOT ALL ITEMS WE SELL ON OUR WEBSITE ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS LOCATION. We ship from many warehouses across the US.

Are all of your items in stock?

Our items are in stock in warehouses all around the US, from New York to California to Texas. They might not be here at our Tewksbury, MA location but if they are listed on our site they are in stock at anyone of these warehouses. At Deadbeat Customs we pay big bucks for intricate software that tracks our inventory with all of our distributors so don't worry, if it says it's in stock it is.

To give you an example if your located in Texas and the items you purchase are also in a warehouse in Texas we will have them shipped to you from that warehouse if that means they will get to you faster.

Can I cancel or edit my order after it was placed?

Most of our orders that are fulfilled from other warehouses get picked and shipped immediately. Once these orders get dropped into the system they can't be changed or canceled. Even if you haven't received a tracking number yet your item could already have been shipped. If the item has been shipped you'll need to open a return request once it arrives to you.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Due to recent changes, states now have the ability to mandate sales tax for online purchases. Each state has different laws and thresholds on sales tax collection and we must follow those laws to stay compliant.

Why was my credit card declined?

The number one reason why Credit Cards are declined at Deadbeat Customs is due to AVS mismatches. Please make sure your billing address on your order matches the billing address on file with your bank.

Why was my Credit Card charged more than once?

If you submitted an order that was declined for any reason (see above AVS mismatch) those funds will be put on hold by your financial institution. This will happend EVERY time you submit an order that gets declined. This is something that is completely out of our control, banks typically take 48-72 hours to release funds back on to your account if your transaction was declined. Please make sure your billing address and all other information match the information that is on file with your financial institution.

Why haven't you returned my messages on Facebook and Instagram?

We're a small operation, the best way to contact us is either emailing us at or giving us an old fashion phone call during business hours.


Do we ship worldwide?

Yes we ship Worldwide. If you want to know how much it is going to cost you for international shipping just check the amount in the checkout page before you commit to paying. All of our packages ship by item weight, so if you have a couple items in your shopping cart check the checkout page to get a quote on the cost of shipping.

How much is it going to cost to ship in the US?

We offer FREE Shipping within the Contiguous U.S on all orders over $100, This includes every item whether it's a couple t-shirt's or a frame and a stack of tires, it's FREE over $100. Free shipping is subject to USPS First Class, Parcel, Priority, or UPS Ground and is based off of item weight and location of you the customer. Free Shipping is typically sent the cheapest way possible, if you would like your item shipped a certain way or by a certain company please select and pay for that method.

Why is my order showing partially shipped?

If you ordered more than one item from us and only received a few items and not the entire order chances are your receiving shipments from multiple warehouses.

Please look in to your order history and tracking number(s) before reaching out. Track Order Here.

What if my package was lost of stolen?

If your package was lost or stolen it is up to the customer to contact the shipping provider you selected to open a claim about your lost or stolen package.

Will you ship Exhaust to California?

California C.A.R.B. Compliance: California restricts sales and use of aftermarket parts that impact emissions. As a result, we will not ship these parts to the State of California. This includes but not limited to exhausts, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, fuel/air controller modules, air filter kits, camshafts, O2 eliminators, and carburetors and jet kits which alter, modify, or replace emission control devices or systems of an originally compliant highway motorcycle, are not legal for sale or street use in California unless they have been issued a CARB Executive Order.


Can I return my item for a refund?

You can return new/unworn items only, for a refund (excluding shipping) within 30 days of purchase. If you would like to return an item please refer to our Returns Page.


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