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Harley Dyna Chain Conversion Kit 24/55 or 24/60 fits '06 -'17

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Harley Dyna Chain Conversion Kit 24/55 or 24/60 fits '06 -'17

Deadbeat Customs is now offering a 24 tooth front and your option of 55 or 60 tooth rear sprocket chain conversion kit for 2006 to 2017 Harley Davidson Dyna Models, we have pieced together this kit using a Bung King rear sprocket, spacer, and chain slider, a PBI front sprocket and your choice of either a BikeMaster black and gold (as shown) 530 BMZR chain with a tensile strength of 11,200 lbs or a gold EK 530 ZVX3 chain with a tensile strength of 11,000 lbs.


The rear Bung King 55 or 60 tooth 9 spoke sprocket is a little twist on there standard sprockets.

  • These are a flat style made from 1/4" thick steel.
  • Powder Coated Satin Black
  • Sprocket Hardware not included, recommend 7/16-14 x 2.5" Grade 8 Hardware

Drive Ratio

  • The stock equivalent on a chain drive from a belt drive is 24 front/ 52 rear, which gives you a ratio of 2.16:1
  • Moving to a 24 front/55 rear would give you a ratio of 2.29:1
  • Moving to a 24front/60 rear would give you a ratio of 2.5:1

By increasing the rear sprocket size you are increasing your motorcycles secondary drive ratio, which decreases top speed, but increases acceleration (more torque).

 The front PBI 24 tooth sprocket CNC-machined from a premium nickel, chromoly steel (8620)

  • Case hardened and finished with an electroless nickel plating for corrosion/wear resistance and lubricity
  • Made in USA


Spacers are made of 6061-T6 aluminum.

Chain Slider:

When swapping an 06 and up Dyna over to a chain drive in most cases during riding the chain will contact the passenger peg mount, and some the inner primary as well. This will cause a grove to be warn in the aluminum peg mount, premature chain wear and some funny noises from time to time. With Bung Kings chain slider in place the chain will contact the delrin block instead when your suspension is in rebound. The block attaches with the included powdercoated steel bracket to the front bolt of the passenger peg mounting bracket.


The BikeMaster BMZR 530 Black and Gold chain uses the finest crafted components assisted with special seal ring with factory grease and "round rivet head" provide superior rigidity to insure the best performance. High tensile steel used throughout the chain components, larger pins means loads spread out over a larger area, longer life, and more strength. Specially controlled heat treatment means tougher material, and more durabillity. Tensile strength of 11,200 lbs.

The EK ZVX3 530 Gold Chain has a tensile strength of 11,00 lbs, the ZVX feature's EK's NX ring design to increase wear life and reduce friction for maximum engine performance.

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