Introducing the New 2021 Harley Davidson Pan America Adventure Touring Model!

Introducing the New 2021 Harley Davidson Pan America Adventure Touring Model!

Harley-Davidson has recently unveiled its latest model, the 2021 Adventure Touring bike! While the Pan America™ 1250 Standard and Special models won't be available until May, we've already got all the insider info you need to know before you go. Keep reading!

Built for Off-Road Adventure!

The Pan America™ is built for the riders who are unafraid to explore roads less traveled, ready to withstand any and all travel conditions. This bike features a wide range of premium features for a smooth, off-road adventure. The semi-active front and rear suspension has a specific Off-Road mode created to help riders remain in control of their traction on rough roads and terrain, and the steering damper increases dynamic performance during rough, off-road riding. There's also a no-tool needed adjustable brake pedal that can be switched between two positions to increase comfort and control while the rider is standing, and the aluminum skid plate protects the engine crankcase from impacts.

Top-of-the-Line Technology

The Pan America™ 1250 models feature outstanding technological advancements guaranteed to keep riders connected no matter where they go. There's Bluetooth connectivity, moving map navigation features in a 6.8" (173 mm) touchscreen display, six-axis IMU, and customizable ride modes. But the most prominent feature in the Pan America™ 1250 models is the brand-new Revolution® is the Max 1250 engine, a liquid-cooled tour-de-force featuring over 145 horsepower and a surging powerband built to increase rider control. This engine does not have a traditional frame, decreasing the bike's overall weight and maintaining taut handling. Once you're riding, you'll feel the difference!

To see the bikes in action, check out the mini documentary below (Courtesy of Harley-Davidson®):

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23rd Feb 2021 Jackie J.

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