Revving Up Fun at the 2023 Deadbeat Retreat with Holy Black Trading Company!

We can still feel the pulsating energy and the camaraderie that reverberated through the grounds of the 2023 Deadbeat Retreat. It was a heady blend of roaring engines, laughter echoing through the camground and the ever-vibrant spirit of the deadbeat community. This year, our friends from the Holy Black Trading Company took the merriment up several notches, turning the retreat into a festival of friendship, style, and unabashed fun!

Unforgettable Moments, Unbeatable Style

Nothing quite encapsulates the spirit of the Deadbeat Retreat like a fresh haircut that screams freedom and rebellion. The Holy Black Trading Company was right at the heart of this, setting up a fantastic booth that soon became the nerve center of all things cool.

If you stepped up to their booth, you were greeted with a pair of scissors ready to transform you into the epitome of white trash chic. It wasn't just a haircut; it was a rite of passage, a badge of honor, a testament to your readiness to dive headlong into the festivities.

Whether you chose to go bald or sport a fly mullet, each snip of the scissors was a clarion call to party. The brave souls who underwent this transformation weren't just changing their looks; they were embracing the wild, unapologetic spirit of the retreat.

Swag, Swag, and More Swag!

But the fun didn't stop at the haircuts. The Holy Black Trading Company ensured that everyone walked away with a piece of the retreat to take home with them. Their booth was a treasure trove of free swag that added a sprinkle of joy and a dash of style to the entire event.

From cool merch to accessories that resonated with the biker spirit, there was something for everyone. Each item was not just a piece of merchandise but a token of the great times had and the memories created.

Pabst Blue Ribbon: The Official Brew of Fun

No retreat is complete without a cold beer in hand, and this is where Pabst Blue Ribbon stepped in, bringing a wave of refreshment to the event. The Holy Black Trading Company's booth was a haven for beer lovers, offering an endless supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon beers to keep the party going.

Each sip was a toast to friendship, to the open road, and to the spirit of the Deadbeat Retreat. It was the perfect companion as you mingled with fellow enthusiasts, sharing stories and forging new friendships.Reliving the Moments

To ensure that the memories of the retreat would last a lifetime, the Holy Black Trading Company put together a killer video encapsulating the magic of the event. From the camaraderie to the fun moments at their booth, the video is a vibrant tapestry of all the joyous moments that made this retreat one for the books.

We urge you to check out this killer video to relive the moments, to feel the energy, and to be transported back to those unforgettable days.

The 2023 Deadbeat Retreat was not just an event; it was an experience, a celebration of the biker community's spirit and unity. A special thanks goes out to our friends at the Holy Black Trading Company for turning the retreat into an extravaganza of fun, style, and friendship.

Here's to more roaring engines, stylish haircuts, and cold beers. Until next year, keep the spirit alive, and ride on!

10th Sep 2023 Steve B.

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