Sturgis Sportster Video 4

Sturgis Sportster Video 4

Video four of the Sturgis Sportsrter is kind of all over the place. In this video we install a pair of Flo foot pegs and a shifter peg, we also install a new twin power rotor on the rear wheel and assemble the carburetor. We decided to hop up the stock CV carburetor with a Boyesen Twinshot, a set of extended float bowl screws from Yost and a new carb. top from Yost to relocate the clutch cable.

Take a look at video four of the Sturgis Sportster:

Components Installed In This Video

Flo BMX Pegs & Shifter Peg:

We run Flo foot pegs on all of our bikes, the BMX pegs are slightly larger than the original foot pegs Flo offered for Harley Davidson models. On the Sportster we are running the BMX style on the front and rear of the bike. These pegs look great, grip great, and the coloring doesn't fade over time.

Twin Power Brake Rotor & Drag Specialties Rear Sprocket:

The Twin Power rotor is a great replacement from stock, we are also going chain drive on the Sportster so I switched out the pulley for a black powder coated 48 tooth rear sprocket. The 48 tooth version is the closest you will get to stock and since this bike is mainly going to be putting down highway miles we didn't want to mess with the rear sprocket size. Chain drive video coming soon.

Yost Carb. Top, Yost Float Bowl Screws & Boyesen Twinshot:

Since we are replacing the air filter and exhaust system we're going to be re-jetting the carburetor. We also decided to hop up the carburetor and add the Yost carb. top to relocate the choke cable, extended Yost float bowl screws, and the Twinshot system from Boyesen. The Twinshot replaces your stock float bowl and gives you the ability to adjust your Accelerator Pump fuel spray to remove any lag the stock CV would have during acceleration. We'll review it later on once the bike is up and running.

If you would like to add one of these items to your bike click on and product image to purchase.

6th Jan 2020 Steve B.

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