Adam Garza's 1992 Harley Davidson 883 Hardtail Project

Adam Garza's 1992 Harley Davidson 883 Hardtail Project

Adam Garza, 32, owned some bikes but he always wanted something he could truly call his own. In other words, Adam was determined to customize his own motorcycle. He had attended many chopper shows and was inspired to take a shot at customization for himself.

"If they can do it, why can't I?" Adam quips. "You're always going to have people criticizing you about things you do. But fuck 'em. A buddy of mine once said, 'Your friends will support you, and if they don't, find some new fucking friends."

Shown above is Adam's '92 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster Deluxe in its original, stock condition when he first acquired it. Take a look at the transformation below!

Adam used the following aftermarket parts:

Adam says his favorite part of the build process were the memories created with the people who helped him out.

"I had @juniorshandmade cut and weld together my frame," Adam says of the people who helped. "He does amazing work! Scotty is a great dude. Other than that, I had my kids and nephew help me take out and install the motor, which was a bitch to install. Never expected that thing to weigh so much!"

The Hardtail was painted by @finish_fx (Stephen) of Tehachapi, California. Adam wishes to thank Stephen for his unbelievable work, and encourage his fellow riders to reach out to him should they ever need custom work done.

Adam lives in Bakersfield, California with his wife and children. Follow him on Instagram @hd_adam .

All photos provided courtesy of Adam Garza.

3rd Apr 2024 Jackie J.

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