All-New Fueling Cam Chest Kits!

All-New Fueling Cam Chest Kits!

We're now carrying camchest kits from Fueling and they are available in three different styles: HP+, Race Series® and OE+.

The HP+ Cam Chest Kits feature heavy duty .165" wall one piece pushrods that decrease valvetrain harmonics and increase valve lift. The Race Series Cam Chest Kits feature deep scavenge kidney ports for even more scavenge flow volume than other Cam Chest Kits. Last but not least the OE+ Cam Chest Kits for Twin Cam applications come with conversion camshafts that update your old mechanical style cams and tensioners to the new hydraulic tensioner system. No matter what style you choose, you're guaranteed a complete kit with parts designed to work together in perfect synchronization.

All of these kits are broken down by what Camshaft comes in the kit, in the kit name you'll see something like 405, 465, 508 and so on. This is the Cam that's included, the number designation that gives these cams their name is based off of the Valve Lift of the cam... the higher the lift the more aggressive the camshaft is. One thing to note is you can only get so aggressive with the camshaft before you'll need to run different valve springs, pushrods, lifters etc.

Make sure you read each description carefully to know what the right setup is for you!

These are just a few of the Fueling Cam Chest Kits we have, shop Feuling on our Website for even more options!

Watch the Video below to see the Cam Chest Kits being installed!

15th Dec 2020 Jackie J.

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