Shoei J•O Helmet Now Available at Deadbeat Customs!

Shoei J•O Helmet Now Available at Deadbeat Customs!

The Shoei J•O Helmet is a fully featured, open-face helmet now available at Deadbeat Customs! Check out Deadbeat's video overview of the Shoei J•O Helmet to get a quick rundown of this helmet's features. Get the Jo Helmet in a variety of finishes here:


Screenshots by Shoei Helmets

The classic design is inspired by many years of excellence in helmet building by Shoei. The J•O's compact multi-ply matrix shell combines interwoven layers of fiberglass and organic fibers to provide optimal impact absorption. Its aerodynamic design reduces turbulence and road noise, giving you the most comfortable experience available with an open-face helmet. What's more is the CJ-3 integrated face shield, which retracts for easy wind relief, and clicks into 3 different positions for instant comfort. A clear shield is included, but is separately available in smoked, HD yellow, and Spectra reflective colors for those who want to fully customize their helmet. Take a look below at this video by Shoei to see this great helmet in action!

21st Nov 2018 Kevin

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