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Legend Suspension

Legend Suspension

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Legends Suspension is recognized for its innovations in motorcycle suspension, and Deadbeat Customs is proud to carry their finest products which will take your Harley to the next level. Improving your Harley’s ride with a set of Legends shocks will improve handling, stability, and comfort.  These rear shocks or front cartridges will also give you the ability to fine-tune the suspension for specific riding styles or conditions.

Legends Suspension FAQ:

What is the difference between Legends REVO, Legends REVO-A and Legends REVO-ARC?

The Legends REVO is easy to install with their lighter-than-stock spring rate with their 2” longer coil with a lighter wire diameter. These shocks feature hand adjustable pre-load with no tools needed. The Legends REVO-A features all the benefits of the standard REVO but also includes six internal knob adjustments to fine tune rebound damping. The Legends REVO-ARC piggybacks are in a class by themself. These rear shocks feature both preload and rebound adjustments as well as a nitrogen gas bladder design that allows ultra-fast response and stiction free movement. These Legends REVO-ARC piggyback shocks offer a greater tuning range, more adjustment options and longer travel time.

What are the benefits of switching my Harley’s front suspension to a cartridge? 

Legends ever-popular AXEO Front Cartridges will create a smooth, controlled ride while eliminating front-end dive during aggressive braking and maneuvering. They provide an increased pre-load range which allows for tuning of various riding styles and weights. Switching your Harley’s front end to a cartridge setup will also help eliminate bottoming out over large bumps or pot holes. 

How do you stiffen Legends Suspension?

It is solely up to the rider to determine how stiff their Legends Suspension should be. The suspension can be adjusted by clicking to one of the seven different compression positions, one being the softest setting and seven being the stiffest setting. It’s best to experiment to find which position works best for you.


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