Christopher Hery's 88 FXRS

Christopher Hery's 88 FXRS

Chris Hery, owner and proprietor of Suicide King Cycles, was always drawn to the local East Coast Club style and performance found on the FXR's of Haverhill, where he currently lives. Hery, 44, knew he would adopt this style for his own creations someday, and saw nothing but untapped potential after acquiring an '88 FXRS.

Source: Christopher Hery

"When I got the bike, it was a basket case!" Hery laughs. "Literally in bins. It was a full build a few years ago, but was neglected and taken apart for some upgrades that didn't end up happening. So when I got it, I had my hands full."

Source: Christopher Hery

Performing all the rebuild work by himself, Chris sought aid from several additional sources for the final touches. He reached out to Chris of Master Cycles in Plaistow, NH for wheel setup and tire mounting; Patrick of Carey's Custom Powder in Newton, NH for powdering the wheels, dash, trees, legs, etc. and finally Bob Britt for painting some of the black parts on the bike. Chris speaks highly of everyone who helped and highly recommends them.

"As crazy as it sounds, wiring is probaby one of my favorite parts," Chris admits. "I also love the adjustments and final tweaks. Getting a bike really dialed in. Finding and fixing any little vibrations or leaks. Making sure everything is perfect. I feel like so many builders trip over the finish line. Get right to the end and start to rush or skimp out to get the bike done. It's important to finish strong. And it always shows in the final product."

Source: Christopher Hery

Chris used the following aftermarket parks on his bike:

The engine is an S&S V111"
Trans is a Baker 6 speed OD w/ hyd clutch
Primo Rivera billet clutch
Thunderheader exhaust (obviously)
Pops garage billet swingarm
PM radial calipers and Lyndall rotors
BKP fork brace
Racetech internals
Ohlins black line piggybacks
Hardcase risers and gauge cups
Dakota Digital gauges
Moons mc front and rear lights
Le Pera Daytona basket weave seat
ARP polished 12 points everywhere

The following performance upgrades were made to the bike:

Added the V111" from a stock 80"
The 5 speed to a 6 speed
Upgraded the harness to all weather tight connectors and the m-unit
Upgraded all the suspension to top of the line manufacturers
The swingarm from stock steel to one piece billet
Also the radial brakes (4 piston) all around
Added an OG HD t sport fairing and trees

Hery admits the only custom fabrication done to the bike was the construction of a rear Thunderheader bracket.

Source: Christopher Hery

Of course, no successful build is without its occasional SNAFU's.
"I had finally nailed all the oil leaks," Chris explains. "Figured out the wiring, and it fired right up! I was so pumped! I pulled out my phone to get a video of it. As I was narrating the video, I revved it up to check the oil pressure...and the cap blew off the oil tank and covered me, the bike, and most of my shop in oil! I was horrified! The bike was flawless and super clean...I shut the shop down and went inside to gather myself and shower. It took forever to de-grease and clean everything. I was beyond pissed at myself. The lower end must have been filled with oil from sitting. I had just changed the oil and forgot to drain the lower end. Which ended up with an extra quart in the system."

Source: Christopher Hery

Yet despite the setback, Hery is proud of his ride and describes it as an "absolute weapon". He states it has killer suspension, a big motor and six speed and is fast and nimble. It is one of his most favorite builds thus far in his career.

27th Jun 2024 Jackie J.

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