Introducing the 2023 Indian® Sport Chief!

Introducing the 2023 Indian® Sport Chief!

Indian's all-new 2023 Sport Chief Motorcycle is ready to take performance standards to new heights. It is built with dependable name-brand components, including Fox® Piggyback Rear Shocks and KYB® Inverted Front Forks, all of which make for a dependable and stylish ride. The Sport Chief also features a gunfighter style solo seat with a tall bolster, a 29.5-degree lean angle and mid-controls which delivers increased comfort, riding time and confidence.

The Sport Chief's aggressive look is achieved with a protective 6.5" windscreen, a contrast-cut lightweight cast alloy 19-inch front wheel, a stout 16-inch rear wheel with Pirelli® Night Dragon tires. The aggression is taken up a notch with the bike's stylish gloss black 6-inch style risers with machine highlights, machined triples and moto-style handlebars. And take a closer look at that analog gauge: it's actually a 4-inch touchscreen that provides turn-by-turn navigation with connected features such as weather and traffic overlays and controllable ride modes. Also Bluetooth® compatible!

The Sport Chief's great performance comes from its great power, and that great power comes from an air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin engine that produces 120 ft-lbs of raw torque that dominates in all six gears. And even with all of these outstanding features, The Sport Chief is still in need of a final touch! In other words, this bike is designed in a way to be customized in your own unique style.

Watch the 2023 Indian® Sport Chief in Action!

21st Feb 2023 Jackie J.

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