La Espada Chopper Show 2022 Coverage

La Espada Chopper Show 2022 Coverage

As many of you could attest, the hype was REAL for La Espada's Chopper Show over the weekend in Haverhill, MA! For their first time throwing a show, the Speedboys really outdid themselves. The vibes were great, the turnout was far bigger than most expected, and the whole thing seemed seamlessly well organized. Tons of familiar faces pulled up, along with many familiar choppers. Sportys, Panheads, Shovels, Yamis, Hondas, Triumphs, you name it were there for the madness. Of course, a chopper show isn't complete without a little chaos...we didn't let a fire alarm and building evacuation from the fire dept. get in the way of a good time.

The Speed Boys really did a great job! I grabbed a bunch of photos while I wasnt slangin' t-shirts that I hope you all enjoy. Check out the photo & video coverage of the show below:

5th May 2022 Dorian U.

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