Saddlemen - Large E-Pak Magnetic Phone Pouch

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Saddlemen Large E-Pak Magnetic Phone Pouch

The Saddlemen E-Pak is a magnetic phone pouch that can be used with most smartphones including Samsung Note, Galaxy, iPhone, as well as some GPS models. The window of the pouch is touch capacitive so you can use the touchscreen without removing the device. The pouch has a magnetic backing to allow you to attach it to the bike's fuel tank, this backing is rubberized to avoid damage to the motorcycle's paint. Saddlemen is renowned for making great seats, saddlebags, and accessories; check out the E-Pak today and see why Saddlemen has been trusted for years to provide riders great products!


  • Sized to be used with modern smartphones, such as the Samsung Note®​ or iPhone Plus®​, but can also be used with a variety of GPS units
  • Can be oriented to match the screen format of the device
  • Strong magnets keep the weather-resistant pouch secured to the metal fuel tank
  • Each magnet is shielded to prevent interference with the device's electronics
  • Compartment includes a removable plush pad and foam mat you can trim to custom fit the device
  • Large plastic window transfers electrostatic energy, allowing for touch-screen operation with bare fingers or electrostatic-transmitting gloves
  • Rubberized pouch back protects the motorcycle's paint finish while the perimeter zipper allows for easy stowage and removal
  • Audio plug access port can be accessed through adjustable zipper opening
  • Dimensions: 4.5" W x 7" L x 3/4​" tall
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