Spotlight Charles "Pottsy" Potts

Spotlight Charles "Pottsy" Potts

In our latest Spotlight we talk to my friend Charles Potts, everyone knows him simply as "Pottsy." He's seen more of the country, and experienced more on a motorcycle than most ever will.

Check out the Youtube Spotlight:

I've known Pottsy for about 15 years now, we worked next to each other at a Harley dealership. Being a young twenty year old kid, new to the industry, I thought this is not the kind of guy I wanted looking over my shoulder. Hell I could barely push an Ultra Classic on to a lift back then.But sure enough I was wrong. Pottsy's the type of old school guy that will feel you out at first. He cares about his work, the motorcycle industry, and wants you to care as well. After getting to know him you quickly learn that he's a great guy, and yea if you fuck something up while working next to him your going to hear about it. But these are the kind of old school guys you grow to appreciate as you learn your craft.

I still remember the day I got back from my friends funeral after he had been killed in a motorcycle accident. Pottsy was the only one to pull me aside in the shop to see how I was doing and to make sure I didn't give up on my love of motorcycles. He's been riding his whole life and has lost friends as well.

Every year when Sturgis came around Pottsy would always say the same thing at the shop. I'm outta here! Which would always piss off whoever was the service manager at the time. His response would always be the same, just let me know if you want my tool box to stay while I'm gone or if you want me to roll it out.

Pottsy now resides in Sturgis, SD full time and runs his own shop "Chubb Bros Hot Rod & Custom." It's right down the street from the Legends Suspension HQ and he's around if you get in a bind while traveling to the rally. Just make sure you let him know Steve from Deadbeat sent ya!

17th Sep 2022 Steve B.

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