Spotlight: Eric Bergdoll's 2013 Dyna Street Bob

Spotlight: Eric Bergdoll's 2013 Dyna Street Bob

Eric Bergdoll, 35, is a quintessential handyman who has perfected the art of DIY. Bergdoll has been a self-starting worker his whole life, fully immersing himself in any project he can get his hands on.

His favorite thing to create? Motorcycles.

"I've always been a 'tinkerer' or a 'doer', from building BMX bikes to dirt bikes, to cars to houses, to custom fabrication to building bikes and shit," Bergdoll explains. "I was always too poor to pay someone to work on my shit, so I had to learn to do it myself. It developed into a hobby and a love, so when I got my first motorcycle, it was basically second nature to not leave it stock."

Bergdoll does all of his work in his home garage in upstate New York. He has fully customized his '13 Street Bob, adding a huge selection of aftermarket parts and some great performance upgrades.

"Aside from the motor build, I did everything myself," Bergdoll tells Deadbeat. "That being said, I did have a few people make some custom hard parts for me, like Sanpietro designs on my derby cover, m.I.a. On my carbon fiber gas tank, Justin Derosia has been matching me hard parts for a few years now and made my dash plate and lower triple tree on this bike, original garage moto on a custom front fender to fit a 130 tire."

As far as performance upgrades go, Jason installed a Revolution 117, a welded and balanced crank and a Feuling Cam Chest — nothing spared.

"I have a few custom hard parts, like my lower triple tree with my own Scum Industries logo on it," Eric mentions of the Dyna's custom fabrication. "My dash and a few other parts but the frame is stock."

Eric declared he used absolutely zero paint on the entire bike. It is full carbon fiber, but Eric will soon be getting the bike a carbon fiber flame paint job.

Overall, customizing his Dyna Street Bob was quite the family affair.

"Yeah, trying to be a dad to a two-year old and a 12-year old makes builds hard and long," Eric admits. "But my two-year old loves the garage and working on bikes, so I'll for sure remember building two bikes in the garage with her help."

When comparing the riding style of the Street Bob to the style of other bikes he has ridden, Eric says this Dyna is 'Fucking Fast'. He describes the bike as a complete animal...despite losing a race at Mount Washington to a Ducati this year, Eric admits he was not phased by the ordeal at all.

"I was always within about two to three bike lengths from him," Eric reminisces. "We get to the bottom of the mountain, and the guy says, 'What the fuck is that thing?' He said he was pissed because he just couldn't shake this Harley behind him."

Eric believes the best part of the building process is actively creating a solid work of art that subtly stands out from the crowd.

"I love the fact that I have two magazine bikes that I ride daily," Bergdoll exclaims. "Shit, I wrecked the Dyna at the Deadbeat Retreat this year, snapped my bars in half and shit. Fixed it on the spot and rode until 5am. Had so many people talk shit, but ya know what? I had fun and that's why I build 'em. I build 'em to ride 'em and have fun, they don't just sit in a garage. Build 'em, ride 'em, wreck 'em, and rebuild 'em again. It's what makes building bikes so much fun!"

Check Out The Full Build Sheet:

Revolution Performance 117

Powervision Tuner with Scum Ind. Dash Plate

Welded & Balanced Crank

Feuling Cam Plate & Oil Pump

S&S 583 Cams

Stage 3 Heads (cnc ported and polished)

Hpi 58mm Throttle Body

Hpi 5.3 Injectors

Hpi Intake w/ carbon cover

Custom exhaust w/ trask head pipes and jmd tubes muffler w/ retaining springs

A1 cycles oil pressure gauge

Barnett Scorpion Clutch

Darkhorse Man-o-War 34-Tooth Compensator

Screamin Eagle primary chain adjuster

Baker billet clutch cover

Sanpietro designs derby cover

Trask clear cam cover

Vulcan chain drive

Superlite rear 55t sprocket

Screamin eagle adjustable pushrods

S&S Rockers

S&S lifters

DK Rocker Lockers

Original garage carbon fiber front fender

Hofmann Designs Carbon Fiber Side Cover

Italian design studio Carbon dash

Italian design studio carbon rear fender

Italian design studio carbon horn cover

Italian design studio carbon 1/4 fairing

Black out recessed gas gauge and cap

M.I.A. Carbon fiber tank

Elite Levers and Clutch Perch

Brembo 19rcs master with elite lever

MYM spacers for controls and perches

Zack nation 2" drop tree

Scum industries lower triple tree

Gpr 4 stabilizer

Original Garage Fork brace

Original Garage moto x pegs

Original Garage shift peg

Original Garage brake peg

Original Garage crash bar

Original Garage perch clamps

Original Garage single gauge pod relocation

Dakota Digital Gauge

Alloy Art Combi Stabilizers

Custom Cycle Engineering Motor Mount Bracket

Jagg Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler

Original Garage 6.5" pullback risers

Red Forbidden Moto Fly Bars

Legend Axeo Cartridge Up Front

Legend Revo Arc 14" out back

Diamond lane black fork tubes

Bung King Shock Sliders

Qpc billet swing arm

Twisted industries front radial caliper mount

Kraus rear radial caliper adapter

Brembo 108mm calipers (gsxr)

RSD diesel 18" wheels powdered black

Arlen Ness 15" Jagged Front Rotor

Arlen Ness jagged rear rotor

Crossthread brake arm

Crossthread shift arm

Vans/Cult Grips

Cycle Visions Plate Mount w/ Rear Lights

BMC wall seat

PBM shift linkage

PBM valve caps

Baja designs lp4 with prior performance brackets

Leather pro t sport bags

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26th Sep 2023 Jackie J.

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